more….to life  is a network for people who are exploring what it really means to live a Christian life in 21st century Britain and who:

  • Believe all human beings are equal in the sight of God. Everyone is invited to God’s table.
  • Believe that every person has something unique to contribute.
  • Believe God wants us to question things.
  • Think that Christian communities should be about people - not buildings, salaries & hierarchies.
  • Want to listen rather than tell.
  • Strive to be non-judgmental and accepting of every human being.

The network is facilitated by Christine, who is a Chartered Engineer by profession and a member of the Bristol branch of Christians in Science. She is currently studying for a Diploma in Theology, Ministry and Mission at CMS and works as a part-time chaplain at a retirement village and care home. Christine thinks that mission is more effective in contemporary western society outside mainstream church, having felt unable to attend church herself for most of her adult life. Some further thoughts.

Christine has recently produced a YouTube video which can viewed here

Christine’s story can be read here.

The story of how Christine became a pioneer minister, reaching out to people who believe in God but don’t do church can be heard in the following podcast: