Useful Resources

The Christian Faith

Tom Wright “Surprised by Hope” This book changed my life when I read it three years ago. The Christian faith suddenly made sense to me – why had I never heard this in church before?!

Prayer & Spirituality I love this daily prayer app from the Jesuits. Reflective music, meditation and prayer on a short Bible passage. Just press play and listen. About 12 minutes long. A wonderful way to start or end your day. The World Community for Christian meditation. Includes a useful timer so you don’t have to worry about the time! Daily Prayer app from the Church of England. Morning, evening and night prayer including Psalms, Old Testament and New Testament Bible readings for each day.

Celtic Daily Prayer from the Northumbria Community: Kindle edition with audio Morning, midday, evening and night prayer including Psalms, Old and New Testament readings, daily readings from Celtic saints, meditations and musical settings of the liturgies and prayers by the Northumbria community.

The Bible A brilliant introduction to the Bible. Two young American guys have created a series of short animated videos giving a quick overview of every book in the Bible plus introductions to many of the main themes and concepts that run throughout the Bible. Plus useful series on how to read the Bible.

Nick Page “The Badly Behaved Bible” A great introduction to the Bible – very readable and entertaining.

Philip Yancey “The Bible Jesus Read” Very readable book about why the Old Testament matters.

Science and Faith The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion: an interdisciplinary research enterprise based in Cambridge. Access to lectures on all aspects of science and faith from some of our top scientists. Christians in Science: an international network for those interested in Science and Christianity. Local groups across the UK organize regular lectures from top scientists. Bristol group of CiS. All talks are recorded and audio files or videos can be viewed at I particularly recommend the talk on Faith and Wisdom in Science by Tom McLeish given in March 2017 Excellent video resources and a course on science and faith by leading scientists and theologians

Discipleship The Group-based Open Learning Discipleship (GOLD) Project is a wonderful way to get up to speed with the Bible and how to apply the message of the Bible to all aspects of our lives. Three levels of courses that are run by various groups across the country – or you can gather some people together and run a course in your area. Mixture of individual study and regular group discussions. Flexible study.